Stairville WGF-2000 Water Ground Fog


Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Water-Based Fog: Utilize a fluid tank capacity of 1.2 l and an additional water tank volume of 8 l to produce environmentally friendly and health-safe fog.
  • Powerful and Long-lasting: With an impressive fog output of 2000 W, you can generate continuous fog that stays low on the ground, providing stunning lighting effects.
  • Quick Readiness: A brief warm-up time of about 4 minutes ensures you don't have to wait long before the fog fills the stage.
  • Flexible Control: Operate the device easily through the integrated display or use DMX for precise control options.
  • Compact Dimensions & Sturdy Design: With measurements of 785 x 345 x 360 mm and a weight of 24 kg, the machine is easy to transport and set up without compromising on stability.

Experience a new dimension of stage design with the Stairville WGF-2000 ground fog machine and make your event stand out perfectly!