Allen & Heath Xone:96


Two 24-Channel 32-Bit/96kHz USB Sound Cards and Traktor Scratch Certification: The Xone 96 boasts two independent USB ports, each featuring six stereo inputs and outputs, providing a multitude of routing options. Cutting-edge 96kHz/32-bit processing ensures the highest audio quality between laptops and the analog engine. Furthermore, the Xone sound card is Traktor Scratch certified, allowing for DVS control with Native Instruments' TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 DJ software.

Dual Xone:VCF Filters with Crunch Distortion: The Xone 96 refines the classic design of the legendary Xone VCF filter while preserving its distinctive sonic signature. In addition to the HPF, BPF, LPF, resonance, and frequency sweep layout, it introduces CRUNCH, a controlled harmonic distortion placed before the filters. With the Allen & Heath Xone 96, you can route all six main channels to either of the two filters.

Two Independent Headphone Sections, Booth Control with 3-Band EQ: This club mixer features two independent headphone sections, allowing for back-to-back performances and smooth set transitions when combined with the dual sound card. Dedicated booth outputs with a 3-band EQ provide the means to fine-tune the monitor system to perfection.

Smooth 60mm VCA Channel Faders and innoFADER Crossfader: Built for durability, the Xone 96 is equipped with specially designed linear 60mm VCA channel faders. Perfectly balanced, they deliver consistent performance and precise control. When it comes to the crossfader, the Xone 96 features the industry-grade innoFADER Mini. With adjustable crossfader curves, you can achieve smooth blends or sharp cuts, ideal for scratching.

4-Band EQ, Two Dedicated FX Sends: Users familiar with the Xone 92 will feel right at home with the Xone 96's layout. In addition to the two stereo FX sends on each channel, the four main stereo input channels feature the latest version of the industry-standard Xone 4-Band EQ. The stereo return channels A and B are fully equipped, featuring a brand-new parametric 3-band EQ design, allowing for precise sound shaping.

With the Xone 96, DJs can expect a mixer that offers unparalleled control, pristine audio quality, and a range of creative possibilities for unforgettable performances.