Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 2


Premium Audio Hardware: Featuring a 96 kHz/64-bit DSP in studio quality, this mixer utilizes advanced dithering technology and low-jitter clocking to produce a warm, natural analog sound. Preamps and output circuits have been enhanced to further reduce analog noise, ensuring pristine audio output.

Sound Color FX: Unleash your creativity with six studio-quality sound effects available on every mixer channel, including Crush, Gate/Comp, Dub Echo, Noise, and Space. Customize them with precision using the parameter control knob.

Beat FX: Take control with the large X-Pad, which enables activation of 14 different Beat FX types while adjusting parameters simultaneously – all with a single finger. The high-resolution OLED display instantly reveals which effects are active.

Frequency Effects: Tailor your effects to specific frequency ranges. With a simple button press, you can add echoes to vocals or double the rhythm of the hi-hat, putting you in charge of your sound.

Independent Send/Return: Combine internal and external effects seamlessly. Connect external audio sources to the Aux input or use USB to connect your iPhone/iPad, allowing you to tap into instrument and effect apps like the RMX-1000 for iPad or DJM-REC.

USB Sound Card: The built-in USB sound card enables simultaneous stereo input/output with 4 stereo inputs and 5 stereo outputs. With 96 kHz/24-bit high-sampling audio processing, it ensures the highest audio quality. Connect the mixer to your laptop or desktop via USB, and the configuration tool launches automatically, allowing you to customize the mixer, sound card, and audio routing to your preferences.

Experience the DJM-900NXS2 and unlock a world of professional audio capabilities and creative effects for your DJ performances.