Fog machine


Efficient Heating: With its high-performance heating element, this fog machine ensures quick fluid warm-up without residue, so you can create atmospheric effects in no time.

Optimal Heating Phases: Thanks to Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS), you'll experience precise and efficient heating cycles for consistent fog production.

Built-In Pump Protection: The machine automatically shuts down when the fog fluid level is low, safeguarding the pump and ensuring longevity.

Impressive Output: With a powerful 1600W motor, it boasts an impressive output of 566m³/min, filling your venue with a thick fog in minutes.

Generous Fluid Capacity: The 2.3-liter fluid tank ensures extended operation, reducing the need for frequent refills. You get a full tank of fog fluid for free!

Remote Control: It comes complete with a wired VFTR remote control featuring a timer, and the package includes the RFC remote VFWR1316 by ADJ for added convenience.

DMX Connectivity: Featuring a 3-pin DMX In/Out connection, you can integrate it into your lighting setup for synchronized effects.

Safety First: Equipped with a safety loop for added security during installation.

Compact and Portable: Measuring 490mm x 330mm x 320mm and weighing 7.4 kg, it's easy to transport and fits seamlessly into your event setup.

Boost your fog effects with the ADJ VF1600 DMX Fog Machine, designed for efficiency, precision, and convenience, making it the ideal choice for professional events and performances.