Fresnel Spotlight


Warm White Brilliance: Achieve a soft, warm white light that's ideal for illuminating a wide range of scenes and settings, providing a flattering and inviting ambiance.

Versatile Applications: From studios to outdoor shoots in Film & Television, and from theaters to event spaces, these spotlights complement Halogen and Discharge lights seamlessly, giving you ultimate flexibility in your lighting design.

Robust and Flexible: Built for the demands of rentals, exhibitions, concerts, and conventions, this LED Fresnel spotlight is both rugged and adaptable, ensuring reliability in any situation.

Integrated Dimmer: Enjoy precise control over your lighting with the dimmable feature, allowing you to create the perfect mood and atmosphere for your production or event.

Manual Zoom: Fine-tune your lighting with the manual zoom feature, adjusting the beam angle to spotlight or floodlight with ease.

Whether you're creating cinematic magic, setting the stage for a captivating theater production, or lighting up a dynamic concert venue, our Warm White Fresnel Spotlight is the versatile lighting solution you've been searching for.