Chamsys MagicQ PC-Wing


  • 10 Fader Controls for Scene Playback: Effortlessly execute scene transitions and playback with precision using the tactile 10-fader controls, giving you intuitive command over your lighting design.
  • 8 Attribute Encoders: Fine-tune your lighting parameters with the 8 attribute encoders, providing precise adjustments to color, intensity, and other essential lighting attributes.
  • 2 Direct DMX Outputs: Ensure seamless connectivity and control by harnessing the power of two direct DMX outputs, allowing you to manage multiple lighting fixtures simultaneously.
  • Compatibility with MagicQ Software: Harness the capabilities of the MagicQ software on your preferred platform, whether it's PC, Mac, or Linux, giving you a versatile and familiar environment for lighting control.
  • Expansion to 64 DMX Universes: Take your lighting control to the next level by expanding your setup to control up to 64 DMX universes via Artnet/sACN, accommodating even the most extensive lighting configurations.
  • Integrated Audio Input: Add a dynamic dimension to your lighting cues with the integrated audio input, syncing your lighting effects with sound for captivating and immersive performances.
  • Perfectly Portable: Designed to fit into your hand luggage for hassle-free travel, the MagicQ PC Wing Compact ensures that you can take your lighting control expertise with you wherever your events may lead.

Experience the convenience, precision, and portability of the MagicQ PC Wing Compact, and elevate your lighting control to create unforgettable visual spectacles.