Pioneer XDJ-RX3 All-In-One


10.1-Inch Touchscreen: Experience clarity like never before with the largest 10.1-inch touchscreen ever featured on a Pioneer DJ All-in-One system. With high resolution and smooth visuals, you'll see everything clearly, including the waveform. Plus, a fresh GUI design and new features make navigation, browsing, and mixing a breeze.

Release FX: Inject fresh energy into your performances with Release FX. Tap the performance pads in Release FX mode to instantly alter your mix's dynamics. Choose from 8 effect types, including Vinyl Brake, Backspin, Echo Out, and more, to create dramatic moments or transitions between tracks.

Color-On-Jog Display: Stay visually informed with the LCD screen at the center of each jog wheel. It displays the play position and even cover art, allowing you to quickly identify the loaded track. The jog wheel responsiveness has been enhanced, and you can adjust the jog "weight" using the Feeling Adjust knob for a personalized touch.

Expanded FX Arsenal: The XDJ-RX3 packs an extensive FX arsenal, featuring all the effects from the XDJ-RX2 plus 6 additional Beat FX and 2 extra Sound Color FX. Explore a wide range of effects, including Ping Pong, Filter, Phaser, and more, to elevate your mixes to new heights.

Upgrade your DJ setup with the Pioneer XDJ-RX3 – where cutting-edge technology meets creative performance.